French Bulldog Care

Bonjour! If you are reading this, chances are that you are considering getting a French Bulldog. Maybe you already have one of these delightful pets, but would like to know more about French Bulldog care. In either case, congratulations on your excellent taste, and kudos for wanting to do right by them!

First, lets review why French Bulldogs are an excellent choice as a pet.

Advantages of French Bulldogs

Frenchies love people

French Bulldog Paris

Frenchies are companion dogs priced for their affectionate nature, fondness of people, and compact size. Curiously, their origins trace back to lace makers in England who began selectively breeding smaller bulldogs as low maintenance lab pets to keep them company during their long work day.

Later on, they became a sensation in Paris from where their reputation spread across the world. If you’d like to read more about French Bulldog history, click here.

Frenchies are a bit lazy

French Bulldogs don’t need a lot of exercise. A lap around the block twice per day will do. In fact, too much exercise is bad for them as they lack good thermal regulation (see drawbacks).

However, they are just as happy watching TV with you on the couch or to go on a car ride. This makes them excellent companion dogs for owners that don’t get the chance to walk their dog frequently.

Frenchies are easy

French Bulldog care is, relatively speaking, easy. They don’t require a lot of grooming, shed very little, do well in small living quarters, are good with children, and are not excessive barkers. In fact, instead of barking, they will often grumble – which sounds surprisingly human!

Frenchies are super cute!

Admittedly, I might be biased when it comes to the cuteness of French Bulldogs. Not only are they adorable as puppies, they stay enchanting throughout their adult life.

Who can resist these big, loving eyes, the bat ears, squished nose and stout body? Combine that with their loving, easy-going nature and you have the recipe for greatness!

French Bulldog Problem Areas

Of course there are also some drawbacks to French Bulldogs which you must consider before getting into this adventure:

  • Frenchies don’t do well in hot and or humid environments. Compared to other dogs, French bulldogs have a short snout which makes it hard for them to regulate their temperature. Indoor air conditioning in hot/humid environments is a must.
  • They are bad swimmers and should not be left unattended around bodies of water.
  • Due to their short snout, they tend to snore at night.
  • If you plan on breading your Frenchie, be aware that natural birth is not an option. Instead, puppies are delivered through C-sections by a veterinarian. More about breeding French Bulldogs can be found here.
  • Frenchies do not come cheap! Because of their unusual delivery and extensive prenatal care, fixed costs for breeders are high. Expect to spend $1,500 and up for a French Bulldog puppy. Rare fur coloring and patterns will drive the price up even more!
  • Expect to spend more on vet bills for your French Bulldog compared to other breeds. Eye, ear and nose problems along with food allergies are the most common problems…

With this general understanding of French Bulldogs under our belt, I would like you to consider taking a look this excellent e-book on the care of French Bulldogs.

French bulldog care

It draws on the experience and knowledge of a whole community of French Bulldog experts and includes topics on:

  • General French Bulldog care (skin folds, face and ear cleaning, nails)
  • Training from day one,
  • Essentials for puppy owners,
  • Nutritional secrets for best coat,
  • Which foods are best and what should to avoided,
  • Proper exercise regimen,
  • How to select the right Frenchie for you.

You can check it out by clicking on the image above. If you decide to buy it (it’s around $20), the guide will arrive within minutes in your inbox. Your Frenchie will thank you!

More general tips on How to train any dog can be found by clicking here. In any case, good luck and many joyful moments with your loyal pet!

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