How to train a Dog in 4 easy Steps

If you can't shake the feeling that your dog is in charge of you instead of the other way around, it might be time to learn how to train a dog. The earlier you start, the easier it is to train a dog. Experienced dog trainers will start the dog training as soon as the pup is under their control. It doesn't matter if the dog is still...

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How To Leash Train a Cat in 3 Easy Steps

If you think it's witchcraft to leash train a cat, think again! Leash training a cat is possible if you take the appropriate steps and plan ahead. That said, one shouldn't think of leash training a cat as a simple task. Unlike dogs, cats have a strong mind of their own and usually don't strive to please their owner. Moreover, their natural behavior is that of a lone...

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Loyal Pets

A pet's loyalty is one of the most compelling reasons to get a pet in the first place. Without a doubt, you would not love your dog or cat as much if it would betray you by biting or clawing you. That being said, there exist other loyal pets aside from cats and dogs. But one step at a time... The Most Loyal Pet of Them all: The...

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